For all friends of Primeau Consulting Group we are waving the $75 fee for a website ADA compliance test.
Please fill out the from and submit. Usually you’ll receive your report withing hours.

Avoiding a LAWSUIT

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) covers websites, too. Rules are laid out by the W3C with the internationally accepted WCAG 2.1 Guidelines. BRIZZO offers a fully automated ADA & WCAG Compliance application. The affordable solution set up within hours.
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Increase sales by Giving everybody Access to your Website content

Empower Your Website

1 out of 5 people in the US have a disability. That's 61 Million People. Empower them and create a win-win situation. We guarantee a full ADA compliance within 48 hours.

Compliant on the go

Every change to a website would require a new ADA remediation. Not with our tool. Daily audits and remediations take care of content changes and new content.

Artificial Intelligence

How is this possible? A regular ADA remediation is thousands of dollars each time and we only charge $41/month? Our AI program kicks in big time - take advantage now!

Improve your lungs

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Flexible manuvers

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Great heart pace

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ADA Compliant Companies

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Why wait? Put on your running shoes and get ADA Compliant!

Check out our ADA plans for Freelancer, Businesses and Corporations.