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Webmaster can easily generate an additional recurring, steady income stream with the BRIZZO website ADA compliance and hosting for business.
Join the BRIZZO affiliate program today and start earning commission payments. This program is tailored for WordPress webmaster who are looking for a ADA compliance tool or/and hosting solution which also takes care of the WordPress maintenance.

20% commission for all ADA and hosting plans*


Are you tired of all the WordPress maintenance work for your client websites? Although maintenance is a very important part in keeping a website healthy it can be a daunting job, especially for creative webmaster.
The best Affiliate Program for webmaster powered by BRIZZO brings the solution:

✔︎ We do the WordPress Maintenance for Your Client’s Websites
✔︎ Fair, straight forward forever Payout: as long as the client is with us, you earn
✔︎ Free Comodo SSL Encryption for all Websites
✔︎ 100% NVMe: Fastest Server available
✔︎ Daily Backups to External Server
✔︎ Uptime Guarantee: 99,9%
✔︎ ADA compliant within 48 hours

Passive Income for You. Better Performance for your clients: WIN-WIN!

Give Your Clients Enterprise Grade Performance


Free SSL

We operate with the latest server and security technology and only allow SSL encrypted websites on BRIZZO servers. Therefore we offer SSL for free. For a better internet.

NVMe for Speed

10x faster than traditional SSD is making NVMe the new star on the block. Website loading times are still one of the most important SEO parameters.

Daily Backup

All websites are backed up daily. Very important feature: we perform the backup to an independent, external cloud server.

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We are a group of dedicated web enthusiasts who have a common vision to make the internet, a faster, more secure and a more easier accessible cyberspace for businesses.

So many business people are coming to us desperate, helpless and frustrated because of their overwhelming problems with their websites. Suddenly we knew: we have to offer a simplified high end hosting for businesses!

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